• Name: HG-TC50 dyeing machine control computer

HG-TC50 dyeing machine controller is used for controlling temperature of normal temperature sample dyeing machine. There are 3 heating controls. It can automatically control according to the heating rate. The heating section adopts optimized self-adaptive control, with has a good tracking performance. This controller has the features of strong anti-interference, stable performance, high temperature resistance, moisture resistance, also it is easy to operate and it is an ideal controller of normal temperature sample dyeing machine.

     Control technology:Advanced MPU processing system.
      Display:Digital display
      Storage:It can store 10 different processes, each process contains a program with 10 steps.
      Temperature measuring range:000℃~153℃
      Temperature control range:30℃~145℃
      Temperature control rate:0.1~9.9℃
      Temperature control accuracy:Thermal static±0.5℃
      Temperature control mode:Adaptive control optimization
      Input signal:1-channel PT100 platinum thermal resistance
      Output signal:5-channel relay output(contact capacity:240VAC3A resistive load) 3-channel heating control,1-channel cooling control,1-channel alarm control
      Power supply:AC100~250V,50Hz,power consumption≤5W,operating temperature≤ 50℃


      Size of hole:92(W)×92(H)mm²
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