• Name: The liquid auxiliary agent automatic weighing and conveying system

  The liquid auxiliary agent automatic weighing and conveying system use the same bar code sheet as the bar code dyestuff weighing system, which makes sure the weight or volume of auxiliary agent are right.
  The storage area is built according to the customer demand, which can be quite small. Pump head is directly installed in the container, without any barrels or tank storages, and no more manual operation. Or the feeding mode with a chief pipeline, an air pump and a flow meter is adopted (needing no air pump in each barrel).For that, it will not only reduce the production risk, accurate delivery, but also convenient, fast and save costs.
  Besides, the system adopts commercial pump—the ARO pump, which is a simple reliable air operated diaphragm pump. Use sophisticated flow meter—no complex electronics, the principle of operation is easily understood, it is positive displacement with a fixed size chamber. The flow meter is easily fixed and repaired by factory workers, complete overhaul in 10 min by factory personnel. What’s more, the material of pipes adopts stainless steel and valve is T type safety valve which makes more reliable.
  The whole system is controlled by a single industrial computer, and there are no complex interfaces between controller and PC. All the parts of the system are commercial parts, no special electronic accessories and no expensive maintenance costs.
  All in all, this system is easy to operate and maintain, safe and convenient to use.
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