• Name: HG-6023 dyeing machine control computer

  Control technology:Advanced 32-bit MPU processing system.
  Display:It adopts 320×240 pixels 256 color display screen.
  Storage: It has a large storage space, which can store 100 different processes, each process contains a program with 100 steps. It can record 100 processing curves and 200 alarms.
  Language:Both Chinese and English are available. Process name can be programmed in Chinese.
  Input/output:2-channel PT100 temperature measuring input,3-channel 4—20mA analog input,1-channel high speed pulse input,16-channel switch input:3-channelinput;4—20mA analog output,16-channel relay output connect with PLC. It has 64-channel switch input and output. All of switch, analog output and input are customized.
  Communication::It uses RS485 communication interface to connect a variety of PLC as well as the monitoring system.
  Data transmission:It provides USB interface.
  Temperature control:control accuracy: 0.1℃,thermal insulation static: ±0.5℃,temperature rise and drop rate:0.1-9.9℃/min, precisely control proportional valve.
  Power supply:operating voltage: AC l00V-250V,50HZ。power consumption≤30W,operating temperature≤50℃
  Size of hole:244(W)×132(H)mm²
  Installation method: Embedded
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