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  • Name: HG-TC300F dyeing machine control computer
  • Code: HG-TC300F
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HG-TC300F dyeing machine controller uses LCD screen. You can choose Chinese or English language. It is easy to operate, and you can complete most operations without any instructions. The screen display is simple and clear. This controller is widely used in the yarn dyeing machine, high-temperature sample dyeing machine, and normal temperature sample dyeing machine.

  Control technology:It adopts advanced MPU single chip microcomputer control technology.
  Display:128×64 pixels LCD screen.
  Language:Both Chinese and English are available. You can input factory name. 
  Storage: It has a larger storage space, which can store 100 different processes, each process contains a program with 100 steps.
  Data protection:It supports multi-level administrator password protections and USB disk backup.
  Communication interface:It uses RS485 communication interface to connect PLC as well as the monitoring system.
  Temperature measuring range:000℃~153℃
  Temperature control range:30℃~145℃
  Temperature control rate:0.1~9.9℃
  Temperature control accuracy:Thermal static±0.5℃
  Temperature control mode:Adaptive control optimization
  Power supply:AC180~250V,50/60Hz,power consumption≤30W,operating temperature≤ 50℃
  Input signal: 1-channel PT100 platinum thermal resistance
  Output signal:9-channel relay output(contact capacity:240VAC3A resistive load),includes heating control, condensate water discharging control, cooling control, positive and reverse control, main pump control and pressure relief control.
  Size of hole:152(W)×152(H)mm²
  Installation method: Embedded
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