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HG9918 dyeing machine controller uses large-size and high-quality LCD touch screen, Windows operating system, which can comprehensively monitor the VAT workflows. It supports Chinese and English language input, with high-capacity storage, and it can record a large number of processes. In addition, it is equipped with USB interfaces and Ethernet interfaces, to connect enterprise ERP, or achieve remote service via Ethernet, saving the time and costs. It is an excellent representative integration control in the Information age.

Control technology: It adopts Intel X86 embedded processing system, Windows operating system and imported touch screen.


Display:640×480 pixels 10.4 inch high quality LCD screen.


Language:Both Chinese and English are available.


Storage: It can store hundreds of processes, each process contains hundreds of programmable steps.


Data protection:Multi-level administrator password protection and USB backup.


Communication:one  RS485/CAN communication interface,one  RS422/485 communication interface,one RS232 communication interface,one 10/100M adaptive Ethernet interface. With the communication interface, you can connect to enterprise ERP and conduct remote services.


Temperature measuring range:000℃~153℃


Temperature control range:30℃~145℃


Temperature control rate:0.1~9.9℃


Temperature control accuracy:Thermal static±0.5℃


Temperature control mode:Switch type or proportional type which controls heating or cooling is optional,with maximum deviation≤1℃,display accuracy 0.1℃


Fabric speed control:Minimum fabric speed: 10m/min, maximum fabric speed:150m/min, error control:5%


Input signal: HG-9918: 7  (4-20mA) analog input (Main-vat, sub-vat, dyeing stuff vat, nozzle pressure and PH current signal input)

                   HG-9928: 15 (4-20mA) analog input (Main-vat, sub-vat, dyeing stuff vat, nozzle pressure and PH current signal input)

                   PLC type (The switches signal of high, medium and low water level of main-vat, sub-vat and dyestuff vat, main pump’s fault and fabric blockage are connected to PLC by Communication interface.)


Output signal: HG-9918: 8 (4-20mA) analog output (controlling main pump frequency conversion, proportional heating and cooling valve and proportional feeding valve)

                     HG-9928: 16 (4-20mA) analog output (controlling main pump frequency conversion, proportional heating and cooling valve and proportional feeding valve)

                    PLC type (The switch output connected to PLC output by communication interface achieves functions of water inlet, drainage, main pump, temperature heating and cooling, overflows, washing and alarms.)


Information query:It’s able to record hundreds of complete production process curves, hundreds of alarm events as well as 24 hours of continuous production process curves within a day.


Parameter setting:Different control requirements can be achieved using parameters, including water inlet, drainage, temperature control, fabric speed and other parameter.


Function definition:All of inputs and outputs of switches and analogs can be defined.


Function:Accurate temperature control and fabric speed control improve the dyeing quality and stability of the dyeing machine. Consumptions of electric power, water and steam etc. can be measured.


Power supply:AC100~250V,50Hz power consumption≤40W,working temperature≤ 50℃




Size of hole:324(W)×236(H)mm²




dyeing machine c染色機コントローラ

Pengontrol mesin pencelupan
Barwienie kontroler maszyna
Commande de la machine de teinture
Pagtitina machine controller
염색 기계 컨트롤러
ডাইং মেশিন নিয়ামক
Controlador de la máquina de teñido
Controlador de máquina de tingimento

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