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HG-06 system is designed since workers in dyeing warehouse are likely to make mistakes such as materials weighing wrongly.
  The system provides correct dyeing material storage location indicator, thus avoiding operators take it wrongly. The computer and electronic scale real-time communication strictly controls the  accuracy of material weighing; then computer records dyeing material practical usage in time, provides detailed report form for dyeing warehouse, thus providing exact and in-depth for dyeing enterprises to calculate dyeing cost and dyeing consumption, etc.
  Controlled by computer, it can communicate with several electronic scales. The computer automatically selects relevant electronic scales in terms of weighing scale. The operator can define the weighing error ranges according to the electronic scale’s range, and precisely controls weighing precision and avoid weighing more, less and  wrong materials. 
  An intelligent indicator light is installed at the storage location of every dyeing material so as to avoid taking or putting materials wrongly, thus improving weighing speed. When weighing the material, the relevant indicator light will flash, which is very convenient for operator to find dyeing material quickly and avoid select materials wrongly.
  It will effectively avoid the mistakes such as no weighing or repeated weighing. The controlling computer will show assign on the screen for the material which has been weighed, thus the weighing worker can see clearly what  dyeing material has been weighed and what has not. The controlling computer will show signals for any repeated or no weighing.
  The data treatment will be more timely, and  the management will be more convenient: the weighing system will record the consumption of dyeing material in time through management system network, and the  managers will see more clearly the storage and production schedule of dyeing material, and  the weighing worker will check the storage in dyeing warehouse through controlling computer, and replenish materials in time. The managers can find out the problems by checking the practical weighing, weighing errors and weighing workers.
  It precisely controls the consumption of dyeing material, avoid the dyeing material from being stolen and reduce the consumption of dyeing material: before using the weighing supervision system, the dyeing consumption is calculated by the usage of material list, without considering the actual weighing, and whether the dyeing material is weighed is not clear. After using the weighing controlling system, the dyeing 
Material consumption is calculated by the practical weighing, thus the result will become more accurate, and avoid the material from being stolen, and controls the consumption of dyeing material.
  The barcode scanner will read the data of weighing material prescription.
  The material prescription can be printed and calculated by computer directly, thus avoiding the trouble of manual coping or handmade calculation errors.
  It is connected with dyeing material management system, thus it can calculate dyeing material consumption daily report completely.
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