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  • Name: DongGuang Liande Woollen Textile Co., Ltd Dyeing computer centralized control system service case
  • Code: HG-JK10 HG-9023
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Cooperation time: from 2012

Invested funds:2 million RMB

Vat upgraded number:73

System:2 sets

Dyeing machine centralized control monitoring and management system

Through monitoring on a number of computers, the HG-JK10 dyeing machine central monitoring and management system can fully control the dyeing process, record the data of the whole dyeing process, greatly reducing the dye lot chromatism and the chromatic aberration caused by human factors in the dyeing process; and it can prevent the quality accidents caused by the equipment faults, to facilitate the production management greatly including product quality analysis production statistical report forms, customer data management, etc.
1.One industrial control machine is used to monitor 100 dyeing machine computers. It can achieve programming, save the uploaded and downloaded process data, and monitor and record the status of dyeing machines and the technological process; by checking and printing the process curve, data and statistical forms, it facilitate the analysis of dyeing quality and production management greatly.
2.Real-time monitoring of dyeing machine status and technological process can detect abnormality of some equipment and the working conditions. It will give alarms to remind staffs to take effective measures, greatly improving the ability of preventing the dying quality accidents.
3.The dyeing machine central monitoring and management system can not only monitor the dyeing process, the speed control and the temperature holding time, but also can accurately monitor the liquor ratio that may affect the dyeing quality and assure the dyeing quality.
4.The standardized management of the dyeing process can enhance the process confidentiality, and avoid unnecessary human accidents.
5.Increase the service life of dyeing machine control computers and improve the stability of the computer.

HG-9023 dyeing controller


HG-9023 infrared dyeing machine controller adopts color display screen, install the advanced 32-bit MPU control system, with fast computation and processing speed, stable performance and large capacity storage. It can record a large number of processes. In addition, it has USB interfaces and communication interfaces, which makes data transmission convenient; besides, the temperature control is accurate and temperature holding is stable.







Case details:


DongGuang Liande Woollen Textile Co., Ltd was a sino-foreign joint venture founded in 1984. With the rapid development, it has 4 branch factories now. The company is specialized in producing yarn with excellent quality, and annual output of nearly 6000 tons.


Although it has 5s management system and advanced dyeing equipments, the dyeing quality has been one of the problem. In October 23, 2012, with the HG-9023 dyeing machine control computer released, the close cooperation between Dongguan Liande Woolen Co. Ltd. and Foshan Huagao automation equipment Co. ltd began. There are 73 dyeing vats equipped with HG-9023 controllers and central monitoring and management systems, with investment about 2 million yuan. The whole process of installation completed in a year. Finally, it not only improve the dyeing quality but also save the cost of investement in one year.