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  • Name: HG-9968 dyeing machine controller
  • Code: HG-9968
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Control technology: It adopts high performance processor, Windows system and imported touch screen.


Display:1024×768 pixels 15 inch high quality LCD screen.


Language:Both Chinese and English are available.


Storage: It can store hundreds of processes, each process contains hundreds of programmable steps.


Data protection:Multi-level administrator password protection and USB backup.


Communication: one RS485/CAN communication interface,one  RS422/485 communication interface,two 10/100M adaptive Ethernet interface. With the communication interface, you can connect to enterprise ERP and conduct remote services.


Temperature measuring range:000℃~153℃


Temperature control range:30℃~145℃


Temperature control rate:0.1~9.9℃


Temperature control accuracy:Thermal static±0.5℃


Temperature control mode:Switch type or proportional type which controls heating or cooling is optional,with maximum deviation≤1℃,display accuracy 0.1℃


Fabric speed control:Minimum fabric speed: 10m/min, maximum fabric speed:150m/min, error control:5%


Input signal: There is no IO.It can connect with PLC. 4 PT100 Platinum resistance(for detecting tempreature of master vat and sub vat).

                   15 (4-20mA) analog input (Main-vat, sub-vat, dyeing stuff vat, nozzle pressure and PH current signal input)

                    4 pulse signal (for connecting with flow meter,water meter and controlling bath ratio)


Output signal: There is no IO.It can connect with PLC.16 (4-20mA) analog output(for controlling main pump frequency conversion,proportional temperature valve, proportional dyestuff feeding valve). 32 switches input.


Information query:It’s able to record hundreds of complete production process curves, hundreds of alarm events as well as 24 hours of continuous production process curves within a day.


Parameter setting:Different control requirements can be achieved using parameters, including water inlet, drainage, temperature control, fabric speed and other parameter.


Function definition:All of inputs and outputs of switches and analogs can be defined.


Function:Accurate temperature control and fabric speed control improve the dyeing quality and stability of the dyeing machine. Consumptions of electric power, water and steam etc. can be measured.


Power supply:AC100~250V,50Hz power consumption≤40W,working temperature≤ 50℃




Size of hole:370(W)×200(H)mm²